The use of the RevoluPAY Virtual Card Service implies acceptance of the following general conditions:

  1. The use of the Virtual Card Service implies the prior contracting of a RevoluPAY payment account, of which the contracting person of the Service must be the Holder, with a signed and valid contract.
  2. The Service allows the user to acquire the cards issued in their name by RevoluPAY, so that, when carrying out the payment operation on the Internet, they provide the Virtual Card data without the need to disclose those of their real account.
  3. The use of the Virtual Card Service requires that the user agrees to be the holder of the RevoluPAY Virtual Card Service, for which reason they must have registered with RevoluPAY, having complied with KYC Online for access to systems.
  4. The Virtual Card Service is not valid for operations in which the presentation of a real card is required, whether this presentation is necessary for the delivery of the product or service, or if it is mandatory for a possible subsequent return of the same.
  5. The parties acknowledge the full legal effectiveness of the transactions carried out through the Virtual Card Service, having the same value and effectiveness as the operations carried out by the holder with his real card issued by RevoluPAY. For this purpose, the person who appears as the holder of this contract agrees to accept the charges for all operations carried out within the framework of this Virtual Card Service in the associated account that appears in the issuance contract of her RevoluPAY card. In case of using the Virtual Card Service, acceptance reaches the limit of the amount set at the time of generating the Virtual Card plus an amount of up to 10% of said amount, intended to cover possible exchange differences and other small variations or amounts Complementary inherent to the contracted service or product.
  6. In relation to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the parties agree that:
    • The Virtual Card is a beneficiary of the RevoluPAY payment account for which it was acquired and to which it is linked.
    • The Virtual Card is generated with a maximum amount and term limit.
    • The Virtual Card is for exclusive use for Internet operations.
  7. In what is not foreseen in this clause, the general and particular conditions of the RevoluPAY Payment Account contract for which the Virtual Card has been paid will apply.
Sant Cugat del Vallés, June 2020.